Expressive Arts School-based Program

Overview: The K-12 educational system is one creative community we offer programming and support to teachers and students in the arts. This program overview details the Expressive Arts curriculum we offer to schools.  One area we specialize in uses mosaic art to create meaningful projects with students. The benefits of our programs are endless, however some of the more common outcomes experienced are: Increased Confidence, Communication skills, Discipline, Perseverance, Learn a skilled hand craft, Form relationship with art, Skills in teamwork, Skills of empathy, Skills of altruism, Courage, Greater sense of trust, Skills of imagination and creativity,Sense of community responsibility, Decision making skills, Community inclusion, Learn lessons of permanence, Self esteem, Family cohesion, and Skills of Self care.

Who: The question is often asked, “I am not an artist. Can I participate in your program?”  Yes. We believe that everyone is an artist.  They just haven’t found their artistic form of expression yet.  We seek to nurture this belief by offering low skill-high sensitivity projects to school communities in order to achieve the greatest success in our programs.  Anyone from 2 to 102 years old can participate in our programs.


Sara facilitating an Expressive Arts Mosaic Mural with youth

Sara facilitating an Expressive Arts Mosaic Mural with youth

What:  We use the ancient craft of mosaics to facilitate our projects.  Whether beautifying your campus with a 5’ X 20’ mosaic mural on the playground or a 8’ X 8’ mosaic mural in the entryway of your school, the beauty and permanence of such a mural will stand the test of time to remind students and the community as a whole that everyone can be an artist and through the support of community, anything is achievable.

A “typical” project could be a 3-day program where We Are Mosaics LLC staff come to your classroom and facilitate a process that invites students and teachers to jump in hands first in the creation of a permanent mosaic mural.  But even before we show up at your school, we provide teachers with a 2-day pre-program and 1-day post-program follow-up curriculum to create the support and infrastructure necessary for a successful project.  Over the three program days we will: uncover messages of importance to your school community, draft a visual proposal, reach out to the greater community for supply donations and other support, smash tile, adhere tile, gemstones, talisman and other assorted objects, cover the mural in grout, put the finishing touches on the creation and then celebrate the work that was created.  The celebration stage is an extremely important step in showing off the accomplishments of the student’s work and sharing the permanent mosaic mural with the public and larger school community.  Often school administrators, parents, teachers, mayors, city officials and of course the students themselves attend this public celebration.

How: Whether you are a classroom teacher, parent or school administrator excited about the possibilities of how a project like this could benefit your school, we welcome your interest.  The first step is to contact us and begin a conversation.  We are extremely adaptable and since each project is as unique as the communities we work with, there is no one set way of going about bringing such a project to your school community.  If you have a possible theme in mind around which to create a mosaic mural, that can be helpful but not necessary.  We work with classroom teachers to integrate multiple-disciplines into a project, interweaving language arts, visual arts, science curriculum, and more.  Whether your school already has some funding allotted for a project like this or resources still need to be identified and secured, we are open to work with you.
Bios: Sara Jordan Skowronski MA, Licensed Professional Counselor, Board-Certified Art Therapist, is co-owner and lead facilitator. She has a wide range of experience in International Relations, Counseling, Therapy and holds a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in the Expressive Arts from the European Graduate School in Switzerland. Sara is also an Adjunct Professor in Psychology at the University of Phoenix, Fort Collins, CO campus.
Chad Skowronski, MS, is co-owner and lead facilitator. He has a background in the Culinary Arts and has designed and led Outdoor, Environmental and Adventure Education programs for over 15 years.  Chad holds an MS in Environmental Studies with a teaching certification for MS/HS Science.