Art and Movement in the Alps

Think your own thoughts, while embracing the beautiful thoughts of others.  My thoughts and your thoughts are what I flow between and what move me.

Every time I allow myself to trust in creativity, in the aesthetic response I find myself both uncomfortable and contented.  When I move with a rhythm or paint with my own stroke, I feel at home in my soul and sometimes quite awkward in my body. My body, that has a history of running and sitting and listening and maintaining and hanging in there, is given room to express, feel, be awkward, be silly, be loose. Movable as a posture.

Use art for dialogue.

My core principle is knowing something is always there, artistically and spiritually speaking. I have experienced thousands of therapy sessions with people of all ages and never has anyone tried to create art or music or movement and not been met with an artistic response.  When I facilitate the installation of public mosaic murals, each wall or space we meet beckons an image, a color and a shape full of intention and attention.  Myself and the people I work with are both professional and amateur.

I learned so much during my first summer session at The European Graduate School working on my PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy – most importantly “low skill, high sensitivity.” Let me tell you, how embarrassing this was at first for me to play a musical instrument with no skill whatsoever in front of a group of people.  I was mortified, while at the same time I love music. I love that music exists, music moves me and I would perform unskilled in honor of music and in service of learning how to help others overcome their embarrassment of skill which could allow them to express love. Low skill, high sensitivity allows for true form and therefore makes an authentic performance and art product.


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